Heart Robber (2024) Movie Download

Heart Robber (2024) Movie Download

HEART ROBBER features Tony who is a millionaire bachelor whose mum has been pressuring to stop partying and clubbing and settle down with a wife.

He goes out one night and meets a very beautiful lady Careem but forgets his phone at her place.

She brings it to him and that’s when Tony’s mother meets Careem and falls in love with her and wants her for her son not knowing she is a runs girl in the city.

Careem, despite being a runs girl is also well-behaved and a good cook…. Will Tony’s mother still accept Careem for her son when she finds about her lifestyle?

Find out more. Starring Maurice Sam, Chioma Nwaoha and many others.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Stars: Maurice Sam, Chioma Nwaoha

Runtime: 100mins